Three Tips To Take Your High Performer to the Next Level

High performers are every manager’s dream employee and now that you have an improved plan for how to find your next high performer, let’s dig deeper. After all, who doesn’t want to have someone on their team who is willing to put in the work, consistently deliver quality, and is always looking for ways to improve? On their own, a high performer already seems like enough of a powerhouse, but with a little extra input on your part, they can further exceed expectations and take their contributions to the next level.

Recognizing High Performers vs. High-Potentials

It’s important to understand the difference between a high performer and a high-potential employee. On the surface, these two seem very much alike: their focus on their job is strong, and they are efficient and effective in everything they do. However, there are differences that, if recognized and leveraged, can yield sizable returns.

A high-potential employee will take the initiative, seek improvement, and constantly think about the big picture in their work. As a result, these employees are likely your future leaders, as opposed to high-performance workers who are more than happy to do their job well without advancing anywhere. The approaches you can take to enhancing their work are similar, but these two types ultimately want different things out of the workplace.

How to Show a High Performer You Appreciate Them

As a manager, it can be easy to leave an efficient employee to their own devices because they don’t need much guidance. While high performers and high potentials alike are often more than happy to work because it makes them feel a sense of accomplishment, not receiving any recognition for their efforts can leave them feeling burnt-out.

It’s important to show your high performers some form of recognition, whether in the form of praise or some other sign. You should also consider the way the employee prefers to receive appreciation. For example, a high-potential employee will likely feel more fulfilled by opportunities for advancement, while some others prefer private compliments.

Agree With Them on Goals

A high performer will do their best to meet the requirements of their job – and often they’ll go beyond. These employees have razor-sharp focus, so you’ll want to make the most of that skill. Talk with them and set goals to make sure you’re on the same page. When they know what to aim for, they’ll be even more effective. These conversations can also help your high-potentials work to get into the positions they want more effectively.

A high-performing employee can be one of the most powerful assets to your workforce. When you take the time to recognize their value and communicate with them, you can enhance their work even more.

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