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Our Personal Development programs are engaging and based on adult learning principles for lifelong learners. These programs help learners assess their skills and qualities to increase and maximize their potential.

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Communication between individuals is affected by so many different variables (perception, mood, biology, etc.), it is amazing that effective communication occurs at all! MindSpring Metro DC has identified a unique set of variables involved in the communication process. This course extensively analyzes each of these variables involved in communication between individuals and provides seven strategies for improving overall interpersonal communication.


This intensive course for is intended for those individuals that would like to develop the highest level of persuasive interpersonal skills. The participant is guided to an in-depth understanding of their thinking/communication style, barriers, preferences, and strategies for developing better professional relationships.

Of particular importance, the course allows one to examine their style in unhealthy, healthy, and evolved stages, focusing on those characteristics and behaviors that allow one to increase their interpersonal effectiveness in a short period of time.


Our world is facing unprecedented challenges that are altering every dimension of our culture. The political, economic, and financial climates have created unpredictability, lack of personal control, and rapid change for many individuals. This accelerated level of stress in our culture is seen by the American Medical Association as the leading cause of addictions and illness, as well as premature aging and death. It is clear that the individual must find an internal balance to skillfully negotiate the ever-changing terrain with optimism and purpose.

There is a relationship between mind and body and wellness of the body is a by-product of wellness of the mind. Wellness of the mind is the ability to identify, manage, and minimize one’s negative patterns and as a result, choose positive states of being.

Wellness and Healthy Choices teaches individuals who are inundated with daily responsibilities how to trigger natural relaxation processes in the body and to develop an effective personal response to stress and conflict. Unchecked tension, anger, frustration, and insecurity are all negative triggers into stress that can easily erode well-being. Discovering repetitive patterns that keep one stuck in these negative emotional states is highlighted. Increasing awareness of inner resources to productively handle stress is also emphasized.


One’s presence significantly affects their impact on and ability to influence others. This course covers the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication in both gaining confidence and being perceived as a confident, competent individual. The participant will be provided with tips to boost confidence, appear more authoritative, and connect more effectively with others.


Does the thought of networking leave you feeling uncomfortable or discouraged? A key factor in advancing one’s career or business is utilizing quality communication skills to build and maintain professional relationships. This course provides participants with an overview of the different perceptions related to networking and the essential communication skills necessary for building rapport with new contacts during networking. Participants also have the opportunity to develop customized strategies to improve their professional networking skills.


In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential that one manages their time well in order to ensure maximum productivity. This course examines how the mind works in effectively managing one’s time, in conjunction with how habits impact one’s time management skills. Participants develop customized strategies for improving their time management skills based on their identified habits and thinking styles.

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