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Denise is a result-oriented, experienced Executive Leadership Coach and specializes in working with individuals who want to improve their presence and impact, improve communication skills to be heard in their organization, develop stronger relationships in the workplace, and overcome self-limiting beliefs that hold them back in their organization.

When clients ask about the experience and outcomes they might expect if they are engaged and committed to improving outcomes in their careers through leadership development and executive coaching, Denise explains she is the Catalyst for their Growth and Change. She holds the tools, tips, and customized recommendations that can help even the most successful professional leader take their next step forward – however; she cannot do the work for you. Growth and Change occur when embraced and “owned” by the person seeking improved results and increased job performance. When an individual’s passion meets Denise’s peerless approach to Growth and Change, the outcomes are unstoppable!

Recognized for her practical approach, excellent interpersonal skills, and deep understanding of people, Denise’s executive leadership coaching style has a positive impact that empowers clients to access their true potential, uncover and develop their natural strengths, break through the internal barriers holding them back, and gain the courage to act and successfully change their lives. Denise believes when people are engaged and doing the work they are passionate about, not only do they feel fulfilled and alive, they inspire others with their talents.

Denise has a passion for developing her clients and uses her communication abilities to interact with clients on a deep level. She uses Co-Active based coaching and advanced neuroscience tools, and appropriate assessments in her coaching to enable her clients to maximize their personal and professional effectiveness to create the life they want by promoting self-awareness and unlocking growth for extraordinary transformative results.

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