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Our Diversity and Inclusion solutions focus on understanding the dynamics of diversity, and how unconscious biases enable individuals and organizations to create opportunities for inclusion for a more effective and cohesive workforce.

Select a Solution(s) that addresses your current organizational needs and supports your strategies for success through employee development:


In this offering, learn the science behind unconscious bias. There is scientific proof that unconscious biases are wired into our brains. We all have unconscious biases. When we understand our own unconscious biases, we can take steps to manage them, so they do not rule how we relate to and think about others.

MindSpring Metro DC’s approach to diversity and inclusion training is different and unique. Participants explore their own unconscious biases, which leads to increased self-awareness and understanding of the unique ways individuals express themselves. This new awareness will help identify unconscious bias and communication failures. This training is fun, engaging, and helps participants to better understand themselves and others.


Tired of the same old mundane mandatory diversity and inclusion training? What about something different? This diversity and inclusion training explores differences of thought and perception in the workplace. (The Office of Personnel Management’s definition of diversity includes the diversity of thought and life experiences.)

To minimize communication failures, participants explore their own thinking styles and explore the different ways individuals take in and process information. This stimulating training helps participants increase their appreciation for diversity of thought and function in the workplace.


This course focuses on the skill of demonstrating cultural competence in a global economy through awareness. Globalization has narrowed the commercial gap between countries but has not significantly narrowed the cultural gap. With the ever-expanding globalization of markets and US companies maintaining offices around the globe, cultural awareness is critical to effective communication now more than ever.

This course examines how to recognize the ways that culture affects one’s own attitudes and expectations. The participant is given strategies for stepping outside their cultural boundaries and understanding how culture impacts their behavior, allowing them to more effectively communicate with others from different cultures.

Increasing and building one’s cultural awareness allows one to be conscious of all aspects of cultural differences whether considered negative or positive, resulting in more effective communication and, ultimately, more profitable business relationships.

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