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Diversity and Inclusion Programs – Big Steps Toward a Common Goal

Diversity and inclusion are matters of huge importance in the world today, and companies looking to succeed in the future are making them a priority. This involves a wide variety of initiatives including conducting ongoing training, setting goals, paying attention to bias in salary and hiring, thinking over succession planning, surveying employees and more. Below is a list of several companies that are making big strides in enhancing diversity in their companies.


Intel has been working toward big diversity and inclusion goals, including a $300 million investment into their efforts. Part of that plan focuses on hiring more diverse workers across the company, as well as creating more community building events for its minority workforce. The company has also taken a closer look at its gender pay distribution, keeping all employees on even pay grounds that fit their job responsibilities and performance, not other factors.


L’Oréal has made waves as a strong representative of gender equality in business, with high percentages of women filling all areas of their workforce, including leaders and executives. This attention to gender equality has led them to become one of Equileap’s top performers in the area. They also take into consideration the multiple cultures that their business appeals to by incorporating those same cultures among their employees, as well as focusing on bringing in employees with disabilities.

L’Oréal’s focus on its employees is only one part of their diversity efforts. Many of L’Oréal’s products and marketing campaigns also make inclusion a priority. With beauty products as their focus, the importance of creating products for all skin tones has been a focus in their recent campaigns, as has targeting men in their advertisements.


Ford is another company making strong efforts in the realm of diversity. Like Intel, Ford has put a strong focus on hiring minorities as part of its diversity initiative. It has also made efforts to expand the number of partnerships the company has with minority suppliers, as well as several educational initiatives, scholarships to help encourage more diverse work forces, and charity support.

Ford also feels as though there are further areas to improve on, and the company will continue to work to enhance diversity. By 2015, the company made DiversityInc’s Top 50 eleven times for its efforts.

Johnson & Johnson

The global healthcare company created a supplier diversity program as far back as twenty years ago and has consistently outspent its target goals since. DiversityInc has included Johnson & Johnson in the Top 50 eleven times, as the company continues to create programs such as J&J Diversity University, and Mentor Works! to teach employees how to incorporate diversity in their collaborations.


After suffering negative attention in early 2018 regarding their Philadelphia store and the arrest of two black men who were sitting and waiting for a friend, Starbucks has made some impressive moves to demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion. This started with the nationwide shut-down of over 8,200 corporate stores and offices to conduct a several hours racial bias training for its employees in May 0f 2018. The company has long been an advocate for greener and more sustainable policies and will continue this passion and accountability in their efforts toward overcoming biases in the culture.

These are just five of the companies that have been making big strides when it comes to diversity and inclusion in recent years, and many more are following suit. By setting goals and focusing their efforts, any company can take steps to bring us toward a more inclusive world. MindSpring Metro DC is an industry leader providing Diversity and Inclusion programs. If your company is interested in implementing diversity and inclusion trainings we would be happy to support your team in making the best choice.

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