Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

Creating sustainable change with a long-term strategy.

MindSpring’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Programs utilize a three-phase approach: Discovery, Development, and Action and consists of a suite of interactive services.

As is best practice when creating cultural change, there must be a shared acceptance of a new set of priorities that support the creation of new habits. From there, a change in processes and systems will ensure the changes are sustainable. At the beginning, things may appear abstract, and random. Then, with time and dedication, the concepts swell with movement and yield results. At MindSpring, this transformation occurs in phases outlined below:


Assess & Analyze


Connect & Learn


Apply & Grow

  • Assess Leadership, Organizational Culture, Employee Experience, Current D&I Practices, and Human Resources Practices
  • D&I Insight Survey and Corporate Consultation
  • Data is the foundation for D&I development and action
  • Customized, interactive, and engaging virtual training for the adult learner
  • Approaches D&I from a neuroscience perspective while encouraging participation and self-exploration
  • Training materials and resources support long-term, sustainable growth
  • Facilitated Town Halls, Roundtables and Lunch & Learns create virtual discussions in a safe environment for long-term and in-depth dialogue
  • Executive, individual or team coaching provides support and encourages accountability
  • Take D&I to the next level with the creation and implementation of an in-house council/committee/task force
  • Customized Handbook guides the creation an organizational culture shift for increased D&I
  • Consultation to support on-going D&I results and growth

All offerings are customized to meet our clients’ needs and desired outcomes at all stages of their growth towards increased diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each component can be combined or utilized independently.

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