Case Study

Action And Accountability

Georgetown University is a private institution that was founded in 1789 and is located in Washington, DC. It is the nation’s oldest Catholic University and is comprised of several undergraduate, graduate and professional schools.


Team Building
One Full & One Half Day


In Georgetown’s English for Heritage Language Speakers (EHLS) program, the organization was looking to create a community mindset for a team that consisted of scholars, administrators and instructors. Each group within the team has a different set of expectations and required outcomes as well as a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented. This resulted in a disconnection of the program’s overall mission to train advanced English speakers to be effective communicators and strong candidates for federal jobs.


In order to become a cohesive and supportive team, each of the three groups needed to focus on one goal: successful completion of the program so participants can use their language expertise to the best of their abilities in their positions in the US Government.



MindSpring Metro DC created a training where all administrative members of the program became allies and create a community of likeminded individuals. In order to lay the foundation for success, MindSpring introduced the impact of perception and how we operate based on assumptions with the help of an acronym JBOP.

Through a series of discussion and reflection, participants were guided to define expectations for themselves as individuals, for their respective groups and then for the EHLS Program as a whole.


Utilizing experiential training methods, the next step was for participants to reconnect with their commitment to themselves and to EHLS as a whole. The theme of No Scholar Left Behind was present throughout the training as participants explored topics including how to give and accept feedback, time management, productivity, and accountability.

Knowing that the team is comprised of individuals with different working and learning levels, we explored creating a mindset of being allies with questions including,

“If you see someone struggling, what do you do about it?”

“What does accountability mean to you?”

Real Time

The program also addressed specific program requirements in real time. For example, MSMDC simulated the program to be a Federal Government Working environment. During the retreat, all participants were required to leave all personal electronic devises outside of the training.

Lasting Change

Participants were required to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to enhance their participation and performance during the EHLS program. Specific action steps plus accountability is the are the foundation of change and the IDP is the ultimate tool for success.

Once the facilitative work is done, MSMDC is unique in our methodology and conducts follow up group coaching visits where we reignited the team spirit. Participants reported specific examples on how they were able to use the techniques and tools provided during the training to help them through challenging times.

“MindSpring Metro DC offered an integrated approach right from the start. Denise and her team really took the time to understand our objectives and goals for the training (held during our program retreat), and offered support in further defining the training goals.  The interactive program provided opportunities for the material, ideas, and expectations to be shared, applied, and reflected upon for our multilingual and multicultural group. The action plan also ensured that the ideas and practices continued to be actively implemented beyond the training sessions.”
– Suzanne M.

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