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Coaching and Leadership Development Expert

Whether delivering a keynote address to an esteemed professional association, or joining a conference panel with like-minded experts in leadership and professional development, Denise’s command of language and ability to engage her audience is unmatched.

Prior to MindSpring, Denise spent over 28 years in public service as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a certified FBI instructor, she worked as a facilitator/instructor on the FBI’s Leadership Development Program team to improve and shift the management culture in the FBI to one of leadership.

Beyond behavior, MindSpring focuses on changing mindsets and perceptions for effectiveness in the workplace.

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Effective Conflict Resolution

Lessons in Leadership: Leading By Example With Effective Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is one of the most difficult things to manage in the workplace. It can be difficult to keep emotions in check with so …

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empowering yourself to empower others

Lessons in Leadership: A Simple Trick to Inspire Empowerment in Others

As a leader, it’s important to inspire empowerment in others. After all, when people feel powerful, it boosts their self-confidence, which further enhances their work …

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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Programs – Big Steps Toward a Common Goal

Diversity and inclusion are matters of huge importance in the world today, and companies looking to succeed in the future are making them a priority. …

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