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Coaching and Leadership Development Expert

Whether delivering a keynote address to an esteemed professional association, or joining a conference panel with like-minded experts in leadership and professional development, Denise’s command of language and ability to engage her audience is unmatched.

Prior to MindSpring, Denise spent over 28 years in public service as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a certified FBI instructor, she worked as a facilitator/instructor on the FBI’s Leadership Development Program team to improve and shift the management culture in the FBI to one of leadership.

Beyond behavior, MindSpring focuses on changing mindsets and perceptions for effectiveness in the workplace.

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disability inclusion in the workplace

A Closer Look at Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Disabilities cover a broad range of visible and invisible conditions including those related to mobility, vision, hearing, cognition, self-care, and independent living. According to the CDC’s annual report, disabilities now affect approximately one in four adults living in the US – for clarity that is equal to 61 million people. Individuals with a disability are

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equity in the workpace

Creating and Embracing Equity in the Workplace

The terms diversity, equity, and inclusion are often used interchangeably but are, in fact, distinct concepts, each with their own set of concerns. To understand the definitions of these terms and the various ways in which they interact, think of the actionable application of each, then establish practical strategies and clear goals to invest in

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difference between coaching, mentoring and feedback

The Benefits of Mentoring, Feedback, and Coaching in the Workplace

Coaching, mentoring, and feedback in the workplace all share the same goal – to help develop an employee’s skills and performance. However, they have different benefits, focuses, methods, and motivations. When discussing ways to improve workplace culture and enhance the productivity of employees, the benefits of mentoring, coaching and feedback are well-known, and these terms

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Download Denise's 6 Secrets to Change through Mindset Management

Plus other success tools and updates


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