What We Do

Helping prepare your business for what’s next.

Decades Of Experience You Can Trust

We help organizations and individuals function at a higher level through experiential-based training and coaching.

We deliver strategically designed programs that inspire and develop, as well as teach. Beyond behavior, we focus on changing mindsets and perceptions. We’ve helped mid to large size corporations, government agencies, and non-profits. And we can help your organization too!

What We Do

We provide the development tools to help move your organization forward.

Incorporating various aspects of training and development, we adapt our programs and services to meet your specific needs. From one hour presentations and online development curriculum to a week-long intensive course, our programs can easily be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Team Building

We provide a wide range of team building activities to support the specific needs of each client and can be delivered in a number of ways.

Leadership Coaching

Using a variety of resources, our coaching services can help you attain the improved results and development you desire for your employees.

Assessment Tools

We have a number of assessments and tools that can help bring self-awareness to a new level. These assessments can be deployed via a program or through our coaching services.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a five step process to help teams strip away all of the “stuff” that gets in the way of communication to allow human-to-human interaction with trust, which springboards creativity.


We have a number of specialty speaking topics perfect for a keynote forum. In addition, most of our course topics can be delivered as a keynote or motivational speech.

Facilitation Services

We provide expert facilitation services at organization retreat events and strategic thinking planning sessions using interactive and experiential activities for effective communication to achieve results.


We offer highly interactive programs that provide participants with an in-depth exchange of the content being taught.

We combine a wide array of tools, assessments, and discovery processes that help the participant leave as a better leader and person, and with the ability to communicate more effectively.


Seventeen courses that help leaders build effective teams, create a positive work environment, navigate difficult conversations, and much more.

Diversity & Inclusion

Participants explore their own thinking styles, which leads to increased self-awareness and understanding of different ways individuals take in and process information.

Empowered Women

A program of four courses designed to empower women in the workplace.

Professional Effectiveness

Our fourteen course program with various lessons that drive professional growth.

Effective Communication

Three courses to that will help make anyone a better presenter.

Personal Effectiveness

Become a better you through this eight course that will help raise your awareness, navigate conflicts, and live consciously.

Individual Coaching

The ultimate personal and professional development tool.

Delivery Options

Our programs can be delivered through a variety of methods that best meet the needs of your organization.


Our interactive courses can be delivered at your location or at our facility in Alexandria, Virginia, and can vary in duration from one-hour to up to two days.


All of our courses can be delivered in an instructor-led online classroom as well as on-demand.


Our courses can be delivered via webinar in a single or series-type format. All webinars are interactive to further engage the participant.


Choose up to six topics to include in a one-week “Create Your Own” Academy in order to meet the specific needs of your organization.